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Reverend Matt


Feel free to use these prayers I've written and modify them for your use.

A Morning Prayer                                             

Dear Lord, 

I greet this day as Your humble servant           

May my thoughts be pure                              

and guided by Your will.                                

May my words be truthful                              

but not harmful.                                          

May my actions help those in need                 

and not infringe on anyone else.                    

Your word is the guiding light                         

that illuminates                                            

what I feel                                                  

who I am

and what I do.

Blessed am I to be in Your service

this day and every day.



An Evening Prayer

Dear Lord,
I met this day
guided by Your light 
as Your humble servant.
My thoughts were pure
My words were truthful
My actions were supportive
I did not speak ill of anyone
nor did I harm anyone.
Blessed am I to be in Your service
this day and every day.