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Reverend Matt


This is one of the Biker Blessings I've written:

A Biker Blessing

May God bless you and keep you safe on your bikes at home and in your travels.
May God bless you with his guidance when meeting others on your rides.       

May God guide you in your fellowship with fellow American Legion Riders as well as members of other riders of the road.                                                                

May God be with you throughout all your travels on every road.                         

May God keep your hands steady as you ride on all types of terrain, including potted pavement, swirling turns, slick roads, and rolling hills.                            

May God help you help those in need and empower you to complete all your missions that you do in His name.                                                                            

May you remember that God provides the freedom to ride on the open road and appreciate all of His gifts as you see them on your journeys.                                                           

May you spread God's word in His service as you ride.  Amen.