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Reverend Matt


These prayers were written by me and appear in the first edition of the American Legion Riders Manual of Prayers.

God, please oversee the trails, roads, and paths that we, as the American Legion Riders, travel today.  Guide us safely as we escort our brave American comrade to his/her destination.  We do this to serve Your will for America.  Amen.

Memorial Ride
Lord, an American Legion Family member has fallen; we ride today to honor this fallen comrade.  He/She is someone who is in our hearts, someone who made a difference, and someone who will be missed.  We ask that You guide us for a safe ride in our journey to honor his/her memory.  Amen.

We, the American Legion Riders, ride in Your name, O Lord, to spread Your word.  Please keep our hearts pure and our wills strong so that we will not fail in our mission to do Your will.  Amen.

Fund Raiser
We open our hearts to you, O Lord, to help us assist our fellow Americans who are less fortunate than us.  Please guide us on our journey to do Your will.  Make the roads we ride be safe so that we can successfully accomplish our mission as American Legion Riders.  We ask this in Your name, Lord.  Amen.

Meeting Of Fellow Legion Riders
O, Lord, guide us as we travel  this day to meet fellow American Legion Riders. May our meeting be blessed by mutual comradeship, love of the open road, and our love of America.  May our meeting be guided by Your will, and when the time comes to depart, may we depart in harmony as friends to enjoy the open road that You have provided for us in this great land of America. Amen.     

O, Lord, may friendship guide us in our endeavors as we go our way today.  May the ride of our American Legion Riders be safe and secure on our steeds of steel and our encounters guided by amity and blessed by Your will.  Amen.